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Secondary Market: Magic Eden

It started with 1444 deflationary NFT Suckers on Solana. Today there are only 1386 Suckers left. Because every week we buy back Suckers and burn them until the most resilient ones survive and end up in a P2E game.  Join Suckers while we are taking over the world!



Did you say burn Suckers?

Every week we will use a third of the royalties to buy back and burn Suckers that are listed on the secondary market. This will make Suckers fewer, more valuable and increase in price. Burning will be done on a random day in a weekly Burn Ritual. We will also keep a big war chest, ready to support the community if needed.


Weekly SOL rewards

You will be rewarded for holding Suckers. Another third of the royalties will be airdropped to Suckers holders every week in SOL. We will hold a raffle every week to decide which holders will take part of the rewards.


"What doesn't kill me, gives me EXP"

Suckers Game will be a Third-person Shooter game where you will play as a Sucker and blow up "crazy" animals with your explosive donuts and dynamite bubble gums. You will be using in-game NFTs and be able to earn while playing. We will hire a Gaming Studio with the fundings from our initial sales. Hope you're as excited as we are!


Super 5 Suckers

There are 5 Super Rare Suckers that will be randomly distributed through out mint. Fire, Rave, Ghost, Rainbow and Gold Sucker. If you get one of these, consider yourself lucky!

We will give 20 SOL ($3200) in rewards to each holder of a Super 5 Sucker! 
Rewards will come as 1 SOL every Monday for 20 weeks.



We're in this together

A strong community is everything. Our team has experience from building successful communities. In our Discord we have giveaways, share our "I'm a Sucker for..."-memes and have fun. Join: Discord.gg/suckers




Are you a Sucker and wanna join a team with like minded people? Send an email and let us know how you can contribute.


Founder and leader of Suckers. Expert in branding, marketing and product development. Making Suckers his life work. Going all in!


Wizard of code. Sleeps on a coding book as a pillow. Soon to be father. Still Not sure if it will be a real baby, or if he will code it.


Community manager. He has built some crazy bad ass communities back in his days. He´s the star that makes you a star.


3D-designer. Björn means Bear in Swedish. Suckers eats bears for breakfast, which means Björn has created his own worst enemy.


Why Solana?

Gas fees on Ethereum is often more expensive than the mint price. By saving gas fees we can also buy back and burn more Suckers on Solana. Also, game development will be much better on Solana.

Where are NFTs stored?

All data will be permanently stored on Infura IPFS.

Is there a royalty fee?

Yes, a standard 5% royalty when selling on secondary market. A third of this will be used to buy back and burn Suckers, making Sucker deflationary and more valuable. Another third will be used to airdrop SOL rewards to holders every week.

Will team reserve any Suckers for marketing?

Yes, we will reserve 200 Suckers for marketing and promo.

Ownership rights?

Commercial usage and Ownership rights belong to the NFT holder. Holders will be a part of the Suckers success. We're in this together.

Where can I check ranking?
Where can I buy Suckers

You can buy them on Secondary Markets, links: Magic Eden and Digitaleyes

Will there be airdrops?

Yes, there will be both scheduled and surprise airdrops. We have great plans for Suckers with some unique ideas.

Will Suckers sell on a Secondary market?

Yes, we got verified by Digitaleyes.market and Magic Eden.
We are working to get in on more places like Solanart and Solsea. No guarantees though.

How is Suckers deflationary?

Every week we will pick a random day to buy up the floor and melt the Suckers forever. We will use a third of the royalties for the buyback. This process makes the floor price increase and Suckers become deflationary.